Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Counting blessings...

Everyone has their down days. I am having mine today. Why? I really can't seem to pinpoint the reason. Perhaps it's PMS? Or work frustration? Or wedding jitters? Or it's hitting 30? Or the problems I'm having with my new home? I don't know. I need to literally count my blessings in the attempt to cheer myself up.

1. I am blessed to have a fiance who loves me and we are getting married in March.

2. I am blessed to have the best boss in the world. She's understanding, she gives me the right balance between guidance and empowerment, and we have a very high level of trust between us.

3. I am blessed I don't look like this! And can still turn a few head even at my age.

4. I am blessed to have a bunch of friends I have a lot of good times with.

5. I am blessed with many talents. I can sing and dance... and I am blessed with the opportunity to use these talents.

6. I am blessed with a close-knit family and we are all still together.

7. I am blessed to have known God and is able to turn to Him for whatever.

8. I am blessed with good health... my thorough medical check-up report just came back all perfect. Even the doctor said that it is not common nowadays.

And the list goes on...
Then how come I don't feel all that blissful today? I hope it is just today... and when I wake up tomorrow morning, this feeling will be gone.

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