Sunday, November 09, 2008

A eureka moment for Bodyjam

Last Fri evening I had planned a BJ46 practice wt a fellow trainee. But when I reached Axis, she was no where to be found. Called her a couple of times but she did not answer. I was ffk-ed!!! Sigh! So since I have already booked d studio wt Teoh, I might as well practiced alone. Luckily, Sista was gymming with me coz I was staying over at her house that day. So, I suggested she become my "member" while I conduct a class of 1...hehehe.

Sista was nice enough to teman me while I practice. Then halfway through class I had a "Eureka" moment. I realized I didn't have to struggle to memorize what to say and how to cue. Because I was trying to get her to follow what I do, I never ran out of things to say....which is a mistake that happens to me ALOT!! How she danced and how well she could follow me became like this feedback loop that prompts me what to say next. So, next time, when practising chorey get instructors...when practising cueing, get members eh?! ;)

Yay!!!! Thank God for Sista!! Hugs!!


Leonora Halim said...

sape FFk-ed u tuh?? meh sini i belasah dia... iyah iyah iyah!!

Alan said...

Very glad that you're doing great girl!