Sunday, November 30, 2008

Community Service @Lifespring

This post is totally overdued... but nevertheless deserves space on this blog still. :) A few weeks ago, the Young Adults Ministry at my church, Revival Centre, did a community service program at Lifespring Orphanage at Balakang. We decided to do a paint job for them as one of the rooms there was burnt and in dire need of repair. We wanted to do something that had a lasting effect and not just a touch 'n go kind of visit.

A lot of people make the mistake of doing social activities with orphanages just once off and end up hurting the kids even more when they leave. These kids are deprived of a real family and clings to whoever shows them love and care with all their might. If someone visits the orphanage once off bearing toys and socialize with them, they will feel the sense of abandonment when these people leave. If a volunteer wants to build a relationship with these kids, it has to be a long term, permanent arrangement. Like twice-weekly tuition classes...etc.

Since most of us could not commit our time in the long term, we thought a building revamp would leave behind something more meaningful. :)

Cleaning up de place before we started de paint job

Mixing paint and delegating jobs by colour groups!

Me attempting to be a green thumb heheheh

Moving out all the furnitures

The murel team!

The kids there make their mark in the building as well!

The finished product, and de artist behind it!

Nice new coat of paint

It was a wonderful day for both the givers and the receivers. It was amazing how much provision could fit into one of our church member's small Viva... hehehe. God is great and so is His love!!!

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nat said...

aww... the murals are cute! :D