Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wet cement

After teamteaching with sifu ie. Kenny a couple of nights ago, got him to reassess me. :)

After giving me the usual feedback session, something he said, made a lot of sense. He said that the 1st 3 months is extremely crucial for any new instructor. This is when our habits form and sets in place. It is also when we make our first and lasting impression on members. Like wet cement, if you mold it while it's still wet, it takes the form you want. If you wait till it is set, sori lah...

So for the next few months, he advised me no matter how bored I am of the 2 releases I have, (which I am!) stick to it so that the moves become reflex action without having to use the brain. Instead, use the brain space, time and effort to improve on coaching. Members will also be happy to see us improve eventhough we teach them the sames songs. He gave a lot of very practical coaching tips too. Thanks sifu!!

So, its BJ 45 & 46 for me all da time... sien!!! :s Lucky after Christmas got BJ 47. :)

Caution: wet cement! Don't step on me ya? ;)

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clarissaCSL said...

Hey, that actually makes a lot of sense. Didn't think of it that way.