Monday, December 29, 2008

Where time stood still

Took a trip down memory lane today with my sis. We decided to do something that we have not done in a gazillion years, since our schooling days when we were living in Ampang. We took the Starlink LRT down to Petaling Street or better known to us a Chee Cheong Kai!!

As we arrived at Plaza Rakyat station, we walked that ever busy path down to Chinatown. Once, we turn left... we saw that really familiar place where we used to shop once a year for Chinese New Year decorations when we were small!

It's still there! And still looks the same.

Smells of bak kuah and sounds of tong-tong-chiang CNY music fills the streets. It really brings us back to the good old days.

We had lunch at this small lane between 2 shops. I miss the yummy grilled seafood there in the evening but it was too early AND I still have my monster sorethroat so can't fulfill my cravings today. :(

I can, however satisfy my cravings for my favourite air mata kucing!! It still tastes as good as ever... somehow their Midvalley branch cant do it quite as well.

The reason I went there was because, from the Malaysiabrides forum, I got to know that there is a shop somewhere in Petaling street which sells wedding stuff at a very cheap price. So I bought an off-white veil material-thingy there. I sooo love Malaysiabrides forum... I find that happy people are always the most helpful. And who are happier than a bunch of bride-to-be's??? I got so many tips on wedding planning, wedding vendors and DIY tips there. :)

We then took a walk in S & M jewellery to look for the black comb-piece to be sewn on the veil... and found it! All in only for about RM20!! Yet the bridal shops wanted to sell me a plain ol veil at RM280!! Gila! Now I can get started on my sewing! :) In S & M, they are even playing pop songs from the 90's. It was truly like time did not move at all since we last came!

We took the LRT back as well and I'll bet others thought we were tourists coz I was busy snapping photos. Teehehehe! But they must be baffled when we said that this stupid incomplete structure has been around and been an eyesore to us for more than a decade. ;)

After we got back, we decided to check out a shop near my house. Another bride-to-be friend recommended. ;) There were so many pretty pretty craft materials and stuff, it must have been heaven for my sis, who's the creative craft kind of person. I even finalized what I wanted for my flower arch 4 d wedding and put in a booking! Yay!! :)

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Leonora Halim said...

fuhh... see LRT, then petaling street... me penin oledi.. huhu