Thursday, May 25, 2006

Public vs private transportation

Today they had the rehearsals for the NAM meeting therefore, there were road closures. Of all the time to rehearse, they had to pick the morning peak hour and the evening peak hours... which brainy fler came up with such a "brilliant" rehearsal schedule????!!

Anyway, I had to go to HKL in the late afternoon and I know my discussion was going to be a long one so I decided to park my car in Menara Axis and go there via the Putra LRT and KL Monorail. Just one transfer station at KL Sentral, how bad could that be right?

Firstly I got onto the Putra LRT at Axis and there was a horrible BO coming from dunno which uncle on the train. Had to put up with it until I reached KL Sentral. Then after I alighted the train, guess what? No signage for jakun little ol’ me to show where the KL Monorail station is. Asking the guard there was pointless too. Only later I found someone who knew where it was and explained it to me. What is so hard about “exit there then cross the road”??? Sigh! It was a rather big road to cross especially in my pretty high heel sandals.

When I finally reached the Chow Kit station, had no idea where HKL was from there so I tailed a few nurses and voila! Saw the familiar Grand Season Hotel and Malaysian Medical Association building. HKL here I come! I was ½ hour late for the appointment due to waiting for trains and walking. Reached there sweating like a pig and had to apologize profusely to the doctors was there on time and had much busier schedules than me.

When I was done, I thought “Hah! At least I won’t be caught in a jam going back to Axis” However, I was not caught in the traffic jam but rather the human jam. It was sardine-packed in both the Monorail and the Putra LRT as it was rush hour.

Worse part was when I reached the Asia Jaya station… I could smell rain!!

Went along the sheltered walkway towards Axis but was still getting wet due to strong wind and rain.

Then I saw that not only we know how to get shelter from the rain on these walkways.

How cute! Anyway, bumped into a regular of my bf’s rpm. So nice of him to help me carry my laptop while we ran through the rain across to Axis. We were soaked through by the time we reached Axis but whatever la, can mandi at the gym kan?

On the way home, as I was driving in the rain, I realized how wonderful my car is and how significant it is in my life! How wonderful it is to be sheltered from all the rain, storm and body odours. Looking at the transportation system in KL, what would I do without her? From now on, I shall service her on time. I shall not complain about rising petrol prices. I shall not complain about the service centre’s ridiculously expensive charges. I shall not complain that she’s not a 4x4 to go through banjir kilat.

Thou shalt love thy car!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy week!!

Sigh! Been a really busy week, with work-new product launch and with church-family camp stuff.

This was the dessert we had at the product launch dinner

has a very yummy apple filling, mmmm...

hehehe, didn't take pics of the other courses coz didn't want da doctors to think I'm nuts.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Seremban beef noodles

Went to Seremban yesterday. Coincidentally, my friends Irene and Mel were in Seremban too!!What were the odds of that? We rarely ever go to Seremban and it was even difficult to even arrange to have lunch together right here in KL. Mana la tau, fate had us meet in Seremban. All 3 of us some more.

So we went for lunch together at the Pasar Besar Seremban to have the famous beef noodles!!
Beef noodles

The food was good as well as the company. It is so nice to catch up with friends!

Later in the evening, went for Azie's Bodyjam. Shirlyn was team-teaching with her. She said she was really nervous... other than that methinks she did fine. I guessed it must've felt as scary as my audition heheh... I can definitely remember my blank-brain feeling. All in all , it was a good hearty Bodyjam class!!! With lots of sweat at the end, finally! The one I attended on Monday was a 1 hour class but d instructor only did sooooooooooooooooooooo few tracks. He talked so much in between that everytime my sweat droplet are at the edge of coming out of the glands, we cool right down again. At the end of the class... tak banyak sweat and I felt so cheated as I drove all the way from Sunway to attend his class in Cheras!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lovely long weekends!!

A bit lazy to blog today so here are just some pics of some of the things I did over the weekend.

Friday was gals day out with Zwui and Budak Gile!! Went shopping, shopping and more shopping! Got ourselves some new clothes and handbags. Disappointed that not one of us got any new shoes... hehehe

zwui and me!

zwui and me... again!

budak gile

a cute miniature armchair I couldn't resist taking

Sat was gym, church (music practice) then dinner with bf's family for mother's day. Do check it out the dinner on his blog.

Sun was Mother's day!! Blessed Mother's Day to all mothers out there!!! Gave my mom foundation make-up (she already hinted mah)... hehehe (where do you think I inherited my vanity??) Then we went out for dinner.

Went to this place in Cheras

VIP of the day!!!

Chicken Maryland, what mom was craving! Mmm... Dad and sis decided to have the same thing

I had Mushroom Sauce Chicken

Bf had Brown Sauce Chicken

My family!!! Pic taken courtesy of bf... that's his empty seat.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wedding bells go ka-ching

Disclaimer: HL, Jonathan and Mel, if you're reading this please don't get offended ok? I'm really happy for you guys!! Congratulations!!!

I've been wanting to blog about this for quite some time. I was worried that people who are getting married soon would get offended. But I just can't help myself when I saw this article in The Star today. My hands are itchy...

Trust the Chinese to make money out of everything in life... even a beautiful thing like the declaration of love between two people is a money-making avenue. Whatever happened to simple beautiful traditional weddings like Maria and Captain Von Trapp's in The Sound of Music?

It seems that in this day and age... only the rich Chinese can afford to get married. It's all very systematic:
1. buy house (30-year commitment)
-must be big enough to fit a family of at least 5 people.
-must have good appreciating value in years to come.
2. renovations
3. professional photography
-must rent about 5 dresses and above!
4. extravagant dinner
-must have at least 30 tables, where 1/3 of the guest does not even know the bride and groom and vice versa.
5. guests must give ang pau
-must be at least RM80 and above or else the couple's parents go "hah? why ur fren so kiam siap one??" because the guests are expected to pay for the dinner.
6. One year later, must have first kid. (lifetime commitment)
7. Three years later, must have 2nd kid. (lifetime commitment)

Why can't a wedding album be real photos of the couple and not touched-up ones with fake backgrounds? Why can't weddings be just in a church or in a garden... where all the attendees are people the couple knows and who knows them well. Why can't the couple not spend their money on a wedding but rather on the marriage... on the life together after that? Why would anyone want to burden their friends and family with the cost of their own extravagance? Why can't a married couple want to live in a romantic little 1 room condo with a magnificent view with no resale value or just a rented property? Why can't a couple not want to have kids, ever?

Wouldn't love be so much more romantic, interesting and everafter if the couple were to embark on many adventures together, just the two of them? No other commitments in life but to each other. No responsibilities to keep them away from being and staying in love...

Maybe I'm just the weirdest Chinese girl alive????
But I have traditionally Chinese parents...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The price of vanity

Went for Bodycombat & Bodyjam classes at Axis yesterday. Came home with sore blistered feet! What was I wearing?

Sigh! I bought them because they look good. Since their pretty new I guess I will have to bear with it for a while. Next time? Thou shalt not sacrifice thy feet's well-being for vanity.

On another note, it took me 1 1/2 hours to get home today due to the rain!! I was having a headache so I cancelled my plan of going for Azyei (Body)jam in Axis. Mana lah tau, I wasted even more time on the road! The worse part is, the (traffic)jam worsen my headache more than any (Body)jam class could! Sigh! So, I missed (Body)jam today and guess I'll just have to settle for the measly 45min (Body)jam tomorrow instead... never did like those 45min classes where you're short-changed from getting the whole dose of the class.


Monday, May 08, 2006

The element of surprise?

Just watched "MI:3" wt bf yesterday. I thought it was very good! Tis not normal for me to like watching action movies but I really enjoyed it. However, bf enjoyed it too though he thought the little twist was too predictable.

That just got me thinking... surprises are fun but it isn't suppose to be the main element of enjoyment right?

When I watched "The Others", I loved it! But most of my friends said that because it came out after "The Sixth Sense" it was too predictable.

Loved it!
Loved it too!!

I've had plenty of friends who thought Shrek 2 was hardly as good as the first movie. For me,

I loved both!!
Cute & funny can still be cute & funny the second time around.

I think to enjoy a movie, especially sequels, you need to enter the cinema with no expectations. Surprises are good, but even if there are no surprises... it can be good too. Good storylines, talented actors, witty humour...etc.

Sometimes from a confusing selection of sundaes galore... where plenty of surprises awaits me,

I think I'll pick, hhhmm... good ole chocolate. And it is hardly surprising that it taste like, well... chocolate!
But mmmmmmm..... yummy!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Potong steam

Remember my last post about the full refund on my tak-jadi Korea trip? Yesterday, when I called up the same girl, Grace regarding my refund, she right out said that there's no way they will refund me!! What???

Just 3 days ago, she was sooooo nice over the phone telling me that they hadn't got enough people for the trip so it could very well be cancelled. So since all the bookings were still pending and nothing was confirmed, she could easily refund me in full. She told me to come to her office anytime to collect it. She told the same thing to Sze Wui and friends which was why Sze Wui was considering changing the vacation destination too.

Just a couple of days later, this very same Grace told me that there will be no refund, for everything was confirmed! Booking has been made and money has been paid to the airline!! What? Didn't I just tell her to cancel my booking before the confirmation was made???!!!

So, today... my bf and I planned to storm into Golden Tourworld Travel's office and demand my rights!! I am a pretty aggresive assertive person by nature, so I definitely will not take this lightly. It's my hard earned money ok? My bf too was all psyched up to be my knight in shining armour and make some noise!! We were both prepared to kick some travel-agent butt!!

Mana lah tau, when we got there;
Grace was not there...
Her manager was not there either...
The other lady there said that she didn't have the authority to make any payments but will get the manager to write out a cheque for my refund and the manager will give me a call on Monday.

Huh?? Er, it went a little too smoothly. Potong steam saje!!

But, I don't trust them anymore since they lied to me the first time round. Let's wait till Monday and see...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Moderating comments

Alamak!!! I have just discovered (thanx 2 my blogger bf) that I have turned on the comment moderation but didn't know there was such a thing. So I had like a whole bunch of comments left un-approved. How stupid of me!! And all this while I thought no one out there in the blogosphere was interested to read my blog or leave a word or two on it.

Sorry guys... I have just approved all of ur comments! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fight-worthy love??

Recently, my colleague told me that after I left a conference/exhibition... a guy approached him to ask about me. Apparently he was interested. Hehehe... gonna hit d big 30 in a couple of years still marketable eh??? Anyway, my colleague told him that I am already attached and he wouldn't wanna mess with my big strong fitness instructor bf!

The thing I wonder about guys these days is, do they ever fight for the sake of love anymore? Once they know a girl is attached, she is dropped like a bomb. What happened to those fairy-tale princes who would fight for the princess no matter what... slaying dragons included. In this day and age, does anyone truly fight for love anymore? I know I would and I did. I never regret fighting whether I win or lose. Even when I lost, at least I knew I've tried my best.

I think people nowadays have grown to be so practical if there are barriers between them and the one the love, they just get over it and move on to the next target. Too much trouble. Not worth it... hor?

It's not that I want find another guy, I love my bf but I do wonder what it's like to have someone so madly in love with you, he'll fight all the way to win you over. Unlike some really lucky princesses, I've never had a prince slay dragons for me before. I've never had a guy fight soooooooo hard to win me over despite mountain-high barriers. I'm talking the kind of love that's worth fighting for; through racial differences, family objections, geographical distance, decades of age difference...etc. So, sometimes I just wonder if I am fight-worthy?????

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And the verdict is....

Drumroll... trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I will be extending my business trip to Seoul and cancelling my booking with the travel agent! They were so kind as to agree to refund me 100% of my deposit!! Woo hoo!!

My Singaporean colleague who's temporarily based in Seoul was so kind as to offer to be a tour guide and hostess. Another colleague from Singapore who's attending the training with me will also be extending his trip. So, our hostess will be babysitting both of us while we go around South Korea!! Woo hoo!!

Hellooooo Seoul!!


Double whammy!

Sigh!! Finally I had booked to go on a vacation with Sze Wui to Korea this month and was truly looking forward to it.

Also, I was suppose to go for a marketing course organized by my company's HQ in June, supposedly in Bangkok. Suddenly I got an email from the HQ that the course is not in Bangkok but in Seoul!! Under normal circumstances, I would love to have a business trip changed from Bangkok to Seoul but not now.

Now, I am in a dilemma... should I cancel the tour, forfeit the deposit, ffk my good friend and extend my business trip to go on vacation since I have colleagues there who can bring me around?? Or get a double dose of Korea all within less than 2 months???