Thursday, May 18, 2006

Seremban beef noodles

Went to Seremban yesterday. Coincidentally, my friends Irene and Mel were in Seremban too!!What were the odds of that? We rarely ever go to Seremban and it was even difficult to even arrange to have lunch together right here in KL. Mana la tau, fate had us meet in Seremban. All 3 of us some more.

So we went for lunch together at the Pasar Besar Seremban to have the famous beef noodles!!
Beef noodles

The food was good as well as the company. It is so nice to catch up with friends!

Later in the evening, went for Azie's Bodyjam. Shirlyn was team-teaching with her. She said she was really nervous... other than that methinks she did fine. I guessed it must've felt as scary as my audition heheh... I can definitely remember my blank-brain feeling. All in all , it was a good hearty Bodyjam class!!! With lots of sweat at the end, finally! The one I attended on Monday was a 1 hour class but d instructor only did sooooooooooooooooooooo few tracks. He talked so much in between that everytime my sweat droplet are at the edge of coming out of the glands, we cool right down again. At the end of the class... tak banyak sweat and I felt so cheated as I drove all the way from Sunway to attend his class in Cheras!!


Shirlyn said...

Seremban beef noodle?? I miss it very much. myself from Seremban and its been long long time didn't go back :p Talk about food in Seremban really miss a lot... Except Pasar Besar one other place also got nice beef noodle...let me tell u next time :D

Oh my dear...thanks for the comments and thanks for supporting and enjoyed in the class :) Hopefully I'll relax a bit after few more practices and treat it like a party like Alvin said hehehe :D

good day!

kt said...

hehe... okie!

no prob! next time can support ur class again! :-)