Saturday, May 06, 2006

Potong steam

Remember my last post about the full refund on my tak-jadi Korea trip? Yesterday, when I called up the same girl, Grace regarding my refund, she right out said that there's no way they will refund me!! What???

Just 3 days ago, she was sooooo nice over the phone telling me that they hadn't got enough people for the trip so it could very well be cancelled. So since all the bookings were still pending and nothing was confirmed, she could easily refund me in full. She told me to come to her office anytime to collect it. She told the same thing to Sze Wui and friends which was why Sze Wui was considering changing the vacation destination too.

Just a couple of days later, this very same Grace told me that there will be no refund, for everything was confirmed! Booking has been made and money has been paid to the airline!! What? Didn't I just tell her to cancel my booking before the confirmation was made???!!!

So, today... my bf and I planned to storm into Golden Tourworld Travel's office and demand my rights!! I am a pretty aggresive assertive person by nature, so I definitely will not take this lightly. It's my hard earned money ok? My bf too was all psyched up to be my knight in shining armour and make some noise!! We were both prepared to kick some travel-agent butt!!

Mana lah tau, when we got there;
Grace was not there...
Her manager was not there either...
The other lady there said that she didn't have the authority to make any payments but will get the manager to write out a cheque for my refund and the manager will give me a call on Monday.

Huh?? Er, it went a little too smoothly. Potong steam saje!!

But, I don't trust them anymore since they lied to me the first time round. Let's wait till Monday and see...

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