Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fight-worthy love??

Recently, my colleague told me that after I left a conference/exhibition... a guy approached him to ask about me. Apparently he was interested. Hehehe... gonna hit d big 30 in a couple of years still marketable eh??? Anyway, my colleague told him that I am already attached and he wouldn't wanna mess with my big strong fitness instructor bf!

The thing I wonder about guys these days is, do they ever fight for the sake of love anymore? Once they know a girl is attached, she is dropped like a bomb. What happened to those fairy-tale princes who would fight for the princess no matter what... slaying dragons included. In this day and age, does anyone truly fight for love anymore? I know I would and I did. I never regret fighting whether I win or lose. Even when I lost, at least I knew I've tried my best.

I think people nowadays have grown to be so practical if there are barriers between them and the one the love, they just get over it and move on to the next target. Too much trouble. Not worth it... hor?

It's not that I want find another guy, I love my bf but I do wonder what it's like to have someone so madly in love with you, he'll fight all the way to win you over. Unlike some really lucky princesses, I've never had a prince slay dragons for me before. I've never had a guy fight soooooooo hard to win me over despite mountain-high barriers. I'm talking the kind of love that's worth fighting for; through racial differences, family objections, geographical distance, decades of age difference...etc. So, sometimes I just wonder if I am fight-worthy?????


shades said...

hi hi...

Yes u are fight-worthy. You being here made it a lot easier for me to move to KL, otherwise I would've looked for other jobs already leh...

all-aboard! said...

so sweet!!

hehe.. i think uprooting to another city for the sake of the loved one ranks up there with dragon-slaying!!!

kt said...

shades: thanx dear! muaks!

HL: yeah... i think so too! aahh, d things we do for love. :-) i hope u'll like it there in HK!!

Anonymous said...

By fight worthy I take it you actually mean "looks hot enough to cause guys to punch each other's lights out". Since you write that you already have a bf whom you love, it obviously means you want the ego-boosting satisfaction of believing that you still got the goods, as opposed to a fresh, dewy sweet, young thing a decade younger than you. Really, doesn't that hint at some deep seated desire to be the centre of attention & to feel the self-satisfying triumph of causing anguish & grief in the opposite sex, just so you can get off from the rush? What's another term for a "Drama Queen" whose Use-By-Date is fast approaching?

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
Round a'round the clock goes,
Won't it be a blast
To get 2 guys to chew off the other's toes,
All for me, pretty little me,
O fight for me you guys,
I need the rush, I need the buzz,
I need more attention coz
Round a'round the clock goes
Tick, tock, tick, tock.

kt said...

anonymous: the title of d post is fight-worthy LOVE! in case u dun understand english, it means someone taking extra efforts for the one they love. looking hot or being young has nothing to do with it, unless ur a shallow coward who leaves anonymous comments. if u dun like this blog... please DON'T stop by!

shades said...

anonymous: looks like u need glasses... Either that, or you're an imbecile.