Thursday, May 25, 2006

Public vs private transportation

Today they had the rehearsals for the NAM meeting therefore, there were road closures. Of all the time to rehearse, they had to pick the morning peak hour and the evening peak hours... which brainy fler came up with such a "brilliant" rehearsal schedule????!!

Anyway, I had to go to HKL in the late afternoon and I know my discussion was going to be a long one so I decided to park my car in Menara Axis and go there via the Putra LRT and KL Monorail. Just one transfer station at KL Sentral, how bad could that be right?

Firstly I got onto the Putra LRT at Axis and there was a horrible BO coming from dunno which uncle on the train. Had to put up with it until I reached KL Sentral. Then after I alighted the train, guess what? No signage for jakun little ol’ me to show where the KL Monorail station is. Asking the guard there was pointless too. Only later I found someone who knew where it was and explained it to me. What is so hard about “exit there then cross the road”??? Sigh! It was a rather big road to cross especially in my pretty high heel sandals.

When I finally reached the Chow Kit station, had no idea where HKL was from there so I tailed a few nurses and voila! Saw the familiar Grand Season Hotel and Malaysian Medical Association building. HKL here I come! I was ½ hour late for the appointment due to waiting for trains and walking. Reached there sweating like a pig and had to apologize profusely to the doctors was there on time and had much busier schedules than me.

When I was done, I thought “Hah! At least I won’t be caught in a jam going back to Axis” However, I was not caught in the traffic jam but rather the human jam. It was sardine-packed in both the Monorail and the Putra LRT as it was rush hour.

Worse part was when I reached the Asia Jaya station… I could smell rain!!

Went along the sheltered walkway towards Axis but was still getting wet due to strong wind and rain.

Then I saw that not only we know how to get shelter from the rain on these walkways.

How cute! Anyway, bumped into a regular of my bf’s rpm. So nice of him to help me carry my laptop while we ran through the rain across to Axis. We were soaked through by the time we reached Axis but whatever la, can mandi at the gym kan?

On the way home, as I was driving in the rain, I realized how wonderful my car is and how significant it is in my life! How wonderful it is to be sheltered from all the rain, storm and body odours. Looking at the transportation system in KL, what would I do without her? From now on, I shall service her on time. I shall not complain about rising petrol prices. I shall not complain about the service centre’s ridiculously expensive charges. I shall not complain that she’s not a 4x4 to go through banjir kilat.

Thou shalt love thy car!


Alex said...

Poor Alvin must compete with a 4 wheel thingy...

kt said...

i'm not the sort who gets emotionally attached to lifeless things, that's why had 2 vow to sayang it more!

hey! come 2 think of it, i oso hav 2 compete wt gym & world cup!! ;-)

Shirlyn said...

I will always choose to drive no matter go where as I know the public transportation in KL is hopeless...It is much more comfortable in the car even stuck in the traffic jam :)

Let's sayang our car more...I've just service it and spent much on it. but its worth...