Thursday, June 01, 2006

Steamboat on "bak chang" festival

Although yesterday was the annual "bak chang" festival, there wasn't a sign of a single "bak chang" in my house. Guess nowadays, even my parents have done away with all the traditional festivities.

I went out with some friends for steamboat at Jalan Ipoh instead! There were 4 of us, Budak gile, Zwui, Dioni and me.

Dioni and budak gile
Zwui and me
Da food!!!
Some more food!

Dioni is from da Kiasuland somewhere south of here. So, we couldn't help but have one of those patriotic defensive Malaysia vs Kiasuland conversations. Initially, he protested that we stereotyped Kiasulanders as materialistic, terrible moral values....etc. Mana la tau, at the end, he too talked about some of the values in Kiasuland which he does not like and agree with... which confirmed that what we stereotyped was true after all. I'm so thankful I'm in a place where true love still exists, quality of life does not equate to wealth... where there still are people (although not all) who knows the real priorities in life. Malaysia boleh!!

After dinner, we went for some drinks at a cafe near Bukit Bintang. Pretty good ambience, quiet and perfect for chatting... although the peace there was pretty much broken by our loud voices. Throughout the whole night, d conversation was dominated by us gals. Our guest was pretty quite.

But the fun part is really spending time wt da gals... eating, singing, silly conversation, intimidating our guest (muahahah) and laughs definitely! After that, all of us just pekelepekelepekelepekele ffeeeeewwww.... home!

ps zwui & budak gile: we'll let ppl guess what in the world that is gals! heheheh ;-)

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Zwui said...

hehehe.. the pekelepekelepekelepekele ffeeeeewwww is classic la.. we shall make it as our gals secret untill someone breaks it lar.. muahahaha
I terbahak-bahak on the florr now reading this