Sunday, June 18, 2006

My 1st Seoul Adventure

I'm now safe and sound in the hotel... but my room is not ready so I pretty much have nothing to do now but lepak here at the lounge and surf the net. None of my colleagues have arrived yet, I am the earliest one.

Anyway, when I arrived bright and early at Incheon Airport, I could not find my pick-up fler. No one was holding up a sign with my name on it... no sign that says Baxter either. Hmm, I waited a short while, still no sign of him. So I got the info counter gal to make an announcement. Still no answer. I waited about an hour at the airport before I decided to take the cab because my colleague told me the cabs are extremely expensive.

Had no choice, I'm not familiar with this place, can't speak the language, they can't speak ours... I took a cab to the hotel. It cost me about RM370!! Yikes! Oh well, for all it's worth, the journey here from the airport was pretty scenic.

but of course I didn't get to see at this angle... hehehe

I just hope won't run out of Wons before the trip is over...

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