Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm down with a terrible sore throat. Must be having too much spicy stuff and kimchi. Kimchigitis... :-(

But Korea is such a beautiful country. The place is beautiful, the people are beautiful and everything is so vibrantly coloured! It's not easy to find someone in gloomy-looking clothes. The place is technologically advanced yet you'll still find plenty of culture and patriotism. A very rare combination.

Went walking around in Nam Dae Mun on Sunday and had dinner there as well.
and behind me is...

the streets of NamDaeMun

Then I had dinner with my Singaporean colleague, Zen. We were trying to figure out what the Korean words mean and what the food was before eating. It doesn't help that no one could speak any English. So, we ended up eating in this cute little coffee shop. He had the rice and I had the noodle. We also ordered this weird looking reddish coloured thing which we thought the shop lady said was squid. Turns out it was some kind of rice cake...

Zen's rice and the "squid"

my noodles

Oh boy, were we full... carb overload!! Although we took a cab to NamDaeMun, it felt like such a short journey we thought we'd take a walk back since the weather so cool and comfy. Mana la tau, sesat... asking for directions weren't much help either. All we got was "yong-ha-sho-rae-yo! gu-se-ham-da...etc"
Huh????? We didn't know what in the world these people were saying and I'm sure it's vice versa.

Suddenly, we saw our hotel sign from afar. Thank God for the brightly lit signage and tall hotel building. We finally made it back to the hotel... and got a little bit of shut-eye before the training starts the next day.

It was really only A LITTLE BIT of sleep coz it was the Korea-France match that night. When the game was done with a 1-1 result... it felt like the whole city was shouting, screaming and singing in unison... at 4am in the morning!! You can hear it no matter which corner of the city you are in. What spirit and passion eh?

Go Korea!!! (Yikes! It's contagious)


shades said...

Great opportunity to practise... July you can then watch the final with us OK?

Miss you...

Shirlyn said...

hehe i watched football for first time as well at a pub! wonder u football fans crazy about :?