Friday, June 30, 2006

Home sweet home???

Wanted to blog about the rest of my Korea trip today but today has just been one bad thing after another, I am not in the right state of mind to blog about happy stuff. Will do it another day. The trip was really great... it's just that home wasn't all I had looked forward to.

I just got back from Langkawi last night... totally exhausted from being an emcee, hostess, tourguide and event planner at the same time to a bunch of doctors and nurses. Although they were a very nice and appreciative group, I was totally drained. I was so glad to finally be back in KL. Alas, today has not been smooth sailing.

1st; I failed 4 out of the 7 tests I had at work... who knows what the implications will be.

2nd; I went to my favourite saloon for a hair-wash, to relax after a long tiring trip. There were others there and the shampoo girl told me to wait a short while. "A short while" dragged on to more than half an hour! I walked out of the place and washed my hair elsewhere. Didn't feel quite as good but at least no waiting.

3rd thought at least bf's coming over to see me tonight after his class in FF Cheras, one last silver lining of the day... we haven't seen each other for 2 weeks!! A reunion sounds heavenly. Alas! His class was over more than 2 hours ago, and I am still sitting here all alone blogging.

So much for home sweet home eh?

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