Sunday, June 18, 2006

Window to the Seoul

After the little hick-up at the airport, I finally got to my room and it's really great. It's not really a hotel but rather a service apartment. My room is a studio suite, complete with a kitchen and all. Only on business trips can I stay at nice places like this. On my own, aku kena la jaga-jaga sikit budget tu. Since a picture paints a thousand words...


bedroom/living room

living room/kitchen

complete wt cutleries & crokery

and huge fridge

and washing machine

It's not like I'm gonna cook or keep food fresh this trip. But the washing machine'll come in handy, just gotta figure out how to use one as I haven't done it in a loooong time.

Don't you think that studio suites are so cozy? I kinda like the idea of staying in a small place like this in the future. It may seem like there is no privacy because the living room = bedroom = kitchen. The only separate room is the bath. But if you think of it, with this as a super solid excuse, you will never have to house any guests thus you'll enjoy the full privacy of the place!

The best part about staying in a highrise is the magnificent view...

the views from my room, not too clear through the glass panel

the breathtaking view of Seoul City from the rooftop of the place I'm staying

I am overwhelmed and at a lost for words... beautiful isn't it?


jesscet said...

Hi Karynn! maybe you've been told already but you can read the article featuring u and ur bf here too ;)

have a good time in Seoul! lucky u!

kt said...

thanx!! i've already seen the article on sat b4 i left!! :-)

Shirlyn said...

enjoy ur biz trip. have fun ;)