Saturday, June 17, 2006

Seoul Searching

Yahooooo!!! Am flying to Seoul tomorrow! Since I'll be the earliest to arrive I will have time to explore the city by myself 1st! The 1st few days, I'll be in a training but I will be extending for another few more days for a holiday! Too bad I had to come back early because of the nurses training in Langkawi. So, I'd have to touchdown at KLIA and take d next flight to Langkawi for work. What a waste! I would have stayed in Seoul much longer if not for that.

Let's see some of d important stuff in my packing list:
Passport - check!
Both flight tickets - check!
Homework - check!
Currency - check!
Credit cards - check!
Adapter - check!
Camera - check!
Million-dollar Malaysian smile - check!

My Singaporean colleague said that everything was so expensive there. She just went there a few months ago. A meal cost her about USD40 and a cab from d airport to the town area USD100!! Yikes! I do hope I bring enough money to sustain me for the whole trip. Oh well, there's always my trustee credit cards!

Doesn't matter, I just know it's gonna be so much fun! Stay tuned for da pics when I'm back!!!


Zwui said...

Whoa!!! Going places la haa...
Happy for you. remember to bring your camera too! Must see those pretty pics la :)

yhsmom said...

Have a good trip!