Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eat and be merry

Sigh! Today, throat has gotten worse... the stuffy nose started. Argh! Hate it when that happens during trips. Don't care I'm still gonna enjoy myself to the fullest. Just gonna sei teng until my body can no longer tahan... then take plenty of MCs when I go back to KL??? hehehe ;-)

Anyway, went to have Shabu Shabu with my colleagues on Monday night.

Wendy and me

Zen and me

Good choice, it was really yummy but super filling as well. Indeed it was...

course by course,

one by one

'Til you shout,

"Enough! I'm done!"

After all the vegetable and meat, there was noodle then they'd pour rice and some other stuff in it to make a porridge-like thingy.

And then to work it all off, we went for a stroll along the man-made river in the middle of the city. Very beautiful too... until we all did not realize our feet were tired walking along the seemingly never ending river.

chasing waterfalls

down the stream

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