Thursday, June 08, 2006

Miracle jam!

Just back from church camp yesterday. Was dead tired that I slept 14 hours last nite!! Anyway, will blog about the camp another day.

Last Saturday, I went to the Miracle event at the Curve for the Bodyjam 37 launch (extended version). Asked Budak Gile to come along but she only came to watch because she said she can't possibly follow all the steps. Jammed with yhsmom and her friend instead. It was 1 1/2 hours long but it was really fun. I especially like the last block but Leo said they'll only start teaching that 4 weeks from now. Boohoo! Gotta wait lor...

Here are some pics from that day...
bf and me!
me in d crowd
da cool instructors
me jamming with yhsmom

Wonderwoman emceeing
How disappointing! She's my favourite BJ instructor and since she has left for Hong Kong, I have yet to crown anyone else that yet. I thought I'd get to attend her class at this launch... but apparently she hurt herself a couple of days before that. I hope she's feeling better now...

After that, took a shower then had dinner with Budak Gile at TGIF. I was so hungry I could eat a horse!

Am definitely looking forward to BJ classes this release, lotsa cool songs... no more techno-jam like d last release! Yahooooooo!!!


yhsmom said...

Had a great time! We must jam together again! Rock/ Jazz block is fantastic!

Pick Yin said...

aiyah, how come i didn't see you one?

kt said...

yhsmom: yeah!! looking 4ward 2 it! probably c u in DU! as i dun normally go 2 Manulife & u dun go 2 Axis rite?

pick yin: eh? ya lor... didn't c u hor. did u go 4 jam or juz combat?

Pick Yin said...

i went for pump, combat and unleashed.
i guess during your jam slot i was busy eating dinner... :D