Monday, May 08, 2006

The element of surprise?

Just watched "MI:3" wt bf yesterday. I thought it was very good! Tis not normal for me to like watching action movies but I really enjoyed it. However, bf enjoyed it too though he thought the little twist was too predictable.

That just got me thinking... surprises are fun but it isn't suppose to be the main element of enjoyment right?

When I watched "The Others", I loved it! But most of my friends said that because it came out after "The Sixth Sense" it was too predictable.

Loved it!
Loved it too!!

I've had plenty of friends who thought Shrek 2 was hardly as good as the first movie. For me,

I loved both!!
Cute & funny can still be cute & funny the second time around.

I think to enjoy a movie, especially sequels, you need to enter the cinema with no expectations. Surprises are good, but even if there are no surprises... it can be good too. Good storylines, talented actors, witty humour...etc.

Sometimes from a confusing selection of sundaes galore... where plenty of surprises awaits me,

I think I'll pick, hhhmm... good ole chocolate. And it is hardly surprising that it taste like, well... chocolate!
But mmmmmmm..... yummy!!

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