Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lovely long weekends!!

A bit lazy to blog today so here are just some pics of some of the things I did over the weekend.

Friday was gals day out with Zwui and Budak Gile!! Went shopping, shopping and more shopping! Got ourselves some new clothes and handbags. Disappointed that not one of us got any new shoes... hehehe

zwui and me!

zwui and me... again!

budak gile

a cute miniature armchair I couldn't resist taking

Sat was gym, church (music practice) then dinner with bf's family for mother's day. Do check it out the dinner on his blog.

Sun was Mother's day!! Blessed Mother's Day to all mothers out there!!! Gave my mom foundation make-up (she already hinted mah)... hehehe (where do you think I inherited my vanity??) Then we went out for dinner.

Went to this place in Cheras

VIP of the day!!!

Chicken Maryland, what mom was craving! Mmm... Dad and sis decided to have the same thing

I had Mushroom Sauce Chicken

Bf had Brown Sauce Chicken

My family!!! Pic taken courtesy of bf... that's his empty seat.

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BlurChu? said...


Looking at the food, i'm feeling hungry now. Even the ice-cream desserts from the previous entry looks good!

Must watch M.I.3, Over The Hedge and The Da Vinci Code. Me support Malaysia, but prefer the cinema experience. Don't mind getting a hold of "locally-made-products" though!