Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flowers, flowers a-bloomin'

I love orchids... but the problem with them is the arrangement. There's rarely any purely orchid bouquets around. Normally orchids are not the "star" of the arrangement but rather the "back-up singers". Just like forget-me-nots. I love those too. I guess I have a thing for supporting the underdogs. ;)

Anyway, today was my office grand opening party. So, we got lotsa flowers from suppliers galore. So, I took several stalks of orchids back home to experiment on the arrangements for my wedding.

Thought I'd have simplicity in the design, simplicity is classy. Also, I can probably get friends to help out and save on florist expenditure too. Dad's friend owns an orchid nursery.... yay!!! So, daddy can pull some strings for her little girl.

Back to the designs... what do you think?

single stalk

single blossom

stalk surrounded by a few blossoms

single blossom surrounded by a few blossoms

I kinda like all!! Feel so indecisive for once. I just love orchids, they are pretty to me however they are arranged. I can always decide later... after I check with baby. At least I have some pretty orchids to brighten up my room for the next couple of days!

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