Saturday, September 27, 2008

Make-up artist

Just did my trial with my wedding make-up artist, Suki today!!



Itu pun I took the "after" photo after I took off the fake lashes otherwise d eyes would've been much nicer, more dramatic!! :)

Notice the "after" photo my eyes don't look symmetrical? Well, that's because I wanted to try out different colours and different effects to see which I like best. So each eye was done up differently. I like the left-eye better!! Earthy-tones but glam up with shimmers and dark dramatic eye liner! I love it!!!

Suki is really professional, flexible and accommodative... she tried out different styles of make-up for me so that I can decide on which one I wanna go with during my big day. Then she took a photo of me to ensure she remembers the look I love best to re-create it on my big day!!

Yay!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Both colours suit you,but the left one is much nicer.You can never go wrong with earth-tone colours n it will go well with any coloured gowns/dresses.

kt said...

thanx babe!! yeah, anyway i havent found my 2nd dress so i dont know what colour it'll be. earth-tone is da safest bet! :)

clarissaCSL said...

You look gorgeous babe. Btw, i think the left one is nicer too.

pamela chan said...

lovely.... ;)

nat said...

I like the left one too. More natural. A lot of brides simply overdo it with too colourful make up, until they simply dont look like themselves anymore. Way ta go! Cant wait to see you in your gown too ;)