Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Canton Experience

Canton... or better known as Guangzhou now. Just went on a short break there since am MBA-free for these couple of months. (yippeee!)

You would think the people in Canton would be able to speak Cantonese but nope... about half of them do only. The rest speak Mandarin. Alamaks!! So, there was a bit of communication breakdown. Dah lah their Mandarin sounds different from ours.

We arrived with only basic info on the whereabouts of our hotel. So, we went on a wild goose chase looking for the hotel which turns out to be truly truly 2min walk from the train and subway stations... as stated on the website. heheheh.

What a relief after walking in the heat for so long! Our room!!! Air-con!!!!

The next morning we went on looking for food... noodles were good but the char siew sucks... I still prefer good ol Malaysian char siew. :)

Sis had yue chuk which was also so-so saje.

We then went for a walk around Beijing Lu... there were shops galore! A lot of brands that we don't get here. I suppose they are local China brands. Their fashion is quite HK-ish... so a bit too lala for our taste. Dah lah it's not cheap leh! I guess our currency value doesnt give us an edge to shop overseas. :(

Every single day, we had to have our daily dose of caffein at the local Starbucks!! Damn expensive... about RMB35 per cuppa. But when you need your fix, you need your fix!!

We also went to Renmin Nan Lu and Shangxia Jiu Lu where there were more shops and more cafes to keep us occupied.

Although it wasn't much of a sight-seeing trip. We still manage to take a few touristy shots! :)

The weather there was pretty much like here. Hot and humid!! We were sweating like pigs walking around so much all day. Lucky there are plenty of icy cold drinks and desserts all over the place. We particularly liked this chain store selling fruity blended drinks. Heavenly for that kind of weather. It is truly blended fruit and not flavouring... so it was refreshing and healthy too!

How can one go to China without experiencing some typically Chinese things like...

Bad Engrish,,,,

Farnie toilets

We managed to go the Zhujiang River side near the Haizhou Square for dinner one nite. The city view was pretty at night... I guess most cities are pretty at night. :)

1920 restaurant. They serve a mixture of Western and Eastern cuisine, and also a vast vast selection of cocktails. A lot of foreigners there too...

Black blood... the cocktail I ordered looked so cool and gothic. Like Bodyjam 45... heheheheh. It tastes really good too.

We both had some porky thang... portions were HUGE!!! Caters to gwei lou's appetites I guess.

Both my sis and my orders were really yummy... very good pork. You cant taste that porky smelliness like the pork you get here in KL. Very well prepared. Mmmmm.... that was actually the only food that we had in the whole trip which tasted really good. The rest were only so-so. Hong Kong and Malaysia still has the best Chinese food around.

We moved around mostly using the MRT. Convenient and most easy to interpret... the station names are also written in English. And we can be sure we will not be ripped-off. :)

Some more touristy shots around Martyr's Park.

Like all vacations.... the ending always comes so soon.

Choi kin, Guongzhau!!!

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