Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A world without strangers

I am most definitely not promoting Giordano here. My blog stays non-profit, non-commercial!! It's just a nice tagline. :)

I realize that we Asians can be a tad paranoid when it comes to strangers. Can't blame us, so many criminals and con-person around every corner. You can never be to careful, right? But are strangers always bad people? I don't think so. Just a few bad ones doesn't mean all are bad.

Pondering back, I've met a few strangers throughout the journey of my life... some just a passing friendship, some blossomed into something more. I can remember a few...

Last week, I befriended an elderly couple while doing my annual medical check-up. I know that they were cautious about their health because the old lady has 2 brothers who has had a angioplasty. She even gave me one of her home made healthy muffins made of wholemeal flour, rice bran oil and a array of seeds. :)

On the way to the airport while in the ERL, I befriended an Air Asia stewardess who shared about her fun experiences working in the company. And how her family was not too thrilled about her choice to be a stewardess but her boyfriend stood by her.

While applying for our EPF, bf and I befriended the lady at the counter who turned out to be also a Fitness First member. She was soooo nice, I had an entire post dedicated to her!!

The girl I befriended on a bride's forum who was nice enough to offer and email me photos of herself to help me decide on which make-up artist to choose for my own big day.

The old woman I met while waiting for a doctor in a public hospital who was staying in the hospital because her son would not pick her up for her regular follow ups. She was a chronic kidney failure patient. Hers was a really sad story... that was why she kept refusing her treatments.

These are just the passing friendships... Others stayed on...

The crazy teenage girl I met when I attended my first youth camp. We totally clicked although we knew each other for 3 days. We then moved on to sell perfume together and hang out together... and we have been BFFs for 10 years now!!

The ballet teacher I befriended through my blog because I was looking for a house and she was selling off hers. She has moved overseas but we still keep in touch on our blogs and facebook. We've never even met...yet! Hope to meet her some time in the future.

The group of friends I met at the Jazz Festival in Mont Kiara 2 years back! They were complete strangers at the time. They organized a weekly dance session and I showed up in a then stranger's apartment all alone as I was the first to arrive... all ready to dance!! We've since had some good times together and are still in touch till today. This was us learning the Hawaiian Hula.

The doctor I met on Facebook who's currently practising in Hong Kong. Turns out her sister stays nearby and is practically my neighbour! She'll be back for holidays soon I hope to meet her for the first time.

How about the distant colleague from the northern office in a "Dale" shirt in a sales conference in the remote area of Lumut? Found out at the time that we both liked chocolate ice cream and singing.

Dale from the Rescue Rangers ;)
This one really blossomed... it went beyond friendship. And I am marrying him come March!! :)

So, take a few risks... get to know a few strangers. Who knows?? The world can be a more beautiful place with that one stranger less.


clarissaCSL said...

Awww... Lovely post... Very nice to read.

kt said...

thanx!!! how was ur launch??? ;)

BlurChu? said...

Yes, a world without strangers is indeed an ideal euthopia.

I personally believe it's better to build bridges, than to burn them lah.

Nice entry. Keep in touch!