Sunday, October 22, 2006

Guilty, of kidnapping in the 1st degree

I have committed a crime for the 1st time in my life... kidnapping! Since bf is always so busy with work even on weekends/holidays/evenings, I've decided to take matters into my own hands to make sure I get him all to myself this weekend (was suppose to be d weekend of his birthday but the kidnapper came down with d pox). Muahahaha!!!

Come with me, or else!!

Blindfolded and stuffed into the car

Then we made our way out of KL... praying that the festive traffic will not affect our journey. I made sure we are out of civilization! Not within a 50km radius of any FF! Where were we going?


Colmar Tropicale, outskirts of France within driving distance

The perpetrator


The sentence?

Belanja makan kek... chocolate of course

Kidnappers are human too, they too need to eat

Then we went for a stroll at the Japanese Village. Hey, we covered 2 countries within driving distance from KL, not bad eh??? I did face some resistance from the kidnappee.

Come any closer and I'll use my BodyCombat moves on you!!

I had some moves up my sleeves too...

Haik!! I know Karate ok, don't play-play with d kidnapper.

Will you pardon me for the crime?

Of course, we made peace after that

The kidnapper and kidnappee side by side in harmony.

And went walking around more at the Japanese Gardens. Very pretty and it had a very nice sweet smell too... dunno from which flower or from the spa. But walking through the mixed terrain of the gardens really hurt my feet.

But of course it was my own fault, my vain choice of footwear

The rooms and the food was nothing to shout about. Only thing nice there is the pretty scenery.

D pretty night view from our balcony...

There wasn't much to do up there but it was a nice place for relaxation. Also, the air is such a refreshing change from hazy KL. It was a great weekend mini-break with bf. If you want an account of the crime from the kidnappee's point of view, do check it out here.

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happy happy holiday huh! u look gorgeous gal ;)