Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lean mean virus spreading machine?

I couldn't stand sitting in the boring old office all day long so I decided to go out and see my customers today.

Unfortunately, not all my scabs have fallen off yet... especially one big spot on my forehead. So, it was pretty obvious that I just had chicken pox. Everyone is so scared of getting infected. I told them it has been more than a week now. My body has fought it tooth and nail, so the virus is at its weakest now!! It is strongest and most contagious in the beginning even before the pox appear.

Somehow, according to some old wives' tales, it is most contagious when the pox are dried. What is the rationale of that? Show me a published clinical study in a well-known medical journal and I will believe them! So, now am back in boring old office...

The silver lining of the day? I had lunch with my bestfriend. Haven't seen her for a while due to my "house arrest". Thank God, she already had her chicken pox long time ago. So glad we can hang out together without fear! So glad to see her...

By the way... tomorrow is a new day. And I have already made an appointment, in the hospital... hehehe. Hope they won't send their Infection Control Unit after me!!

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