Friday, March 09, 2007

Wanted: travel mate

Earlier Annjet was looking for a travel mate to Japan.
Then Andy was looking for a travel mate to Japan as well.
I declined to both as I had just gone to Korea last year. These 2 countries have lotsa similarities.

Just like last year, I am still hoping to find someone who wants to go to Spain with me. Hey, when I want something I really really want it! Very rarely do I change my mind.

Encantador EspaƱol

Or a luxury cruise would be nice too

But till now, no sign of anyone who wants to go to Spain or on a cruise with me...
Suddenly Japan doesn't sound all that bad hor??
But Annjet's going to Bangkok and Cambodia. I just went last year, I definitely don't wanna go again so soon.
And Andy hasn't decided, he may wanna go to Australia. I just went there in Jan!! Tak nak la.

Apalah!! Now I am back at square one. So here's my ad. Only friends/family can answer this ad. Sorry but am not keen to travel with a stranger I meet from cyberspace.

Fun, energetic, easy-going, adventurous, does not rush, likes culture, food and shopping!!

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