Tuesday, March 13, 2007

1 per album

Have no idea why do I only like 1 song per album. It is totally not worth it to buy a whole album that costs RM40++ just to listen to 1 measely song. Unfortunate for me, my car audio system is still d conventional CD player. Can't plug in MP3 players so I can't buy the iTunes or anything like that.

I like:

1. Jojo's The High Road - How To Touch A Girl (love it!!!)
2. Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics - Candyman (love it!)
3. Cassie's self titled album - Long Way 2 Go
4. Shakira's Oral Fixation - Illegal
5. Justin Timberlake's Future sex/love sounds- Sexyback
6. Beyonce's B'day- Irreplaceable
7. Vanessa Hudgens' V - Come Back To Me
8. Happy Feet OST, Gia Farrell's - Hit Me Up
9. Jem's They - Wish I

Anyone knows if these are available in singles here???

1 comment:

Aleximon said...

I think that you can download those song from internet, its mp3 format. Then you try to burn into CD.