Friday, March 23, 2007

1C or 5C?

Had a depressing disappointment at work today... Don't feel like talking about it. Tomorrow is my vacation with bf to go watch The Phantom of The Opera... should feel happier. So, shall blog happier stuff.

What are the 5Cs most women look for in man?
Cash, Credit Card, Condominium, Car, Career

So that they can have the financial security and the luxury to not be burdened with any economic matters.
So that she will be well taken care of for the rest of her life.
So that she would be worry-free about her future family's living conditions.
So that her parents would be worry-free about her life.

So she should not complain if he doesn't pay her enough attention, or doesn't give her romantic surprises. Those were not the pre-requisites for her choice, if he does... it is an additional bonus.

But me? What do I look for in a man?
Only 1C... Chemistry.

So that I feel like I'm on cloud nine when I see him.
So that I miss him when I'm not with him and get excited anticipating our next meeting.
So that when we are together, fireworks goes off in my heart.
So that when I'm miserable or depressed, he's there to make me laugh.
So that we enjoy doing the stuff we love together.

Does my bf fit the bill??

1000% yes!!

Then why is it that sometimes I still give him such a hard time because of my own insecurities about our future? I guess it must be all my friends with 5C boyfriends having an effect on me.

Financial security, I can build all by myself. But true love can only be found with that special soulmate. Why should I give up true love a the expense of something I can build on my own? I know that there are some super blessed girls out there who found their true love with someone with all the 5Cs.
I chose the 1C, the other 5Cs were not the pre-requisites for my choice. If the 5Cs are there, it's just an additional bonus!! If not, it's still fine.

I guess from time to time I just have to have a dose of that cloud nine feeling to remind me that I chose to be the 1C kind of girl and not the 5C type.

So, am really looking forward to our vacation together this weekend!! I've always loved going to Singapore whether it was for work or leisure... but this time it's different because it's with him. Cloud nine, here I come!!

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