Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Singapura, oh Singapura

We just got back from Singapore on Monday night and took a nice day off doing practically nothing. Only back to work today... sigh... you always don't feel much like working after a holiday. Plus the big disappointment that happened last week.... lagi takde mood! Sob sob!

Oh well... let's get to the happier topic. The trip was wonderful. All the time in the world to spend with bf. We stayed at a budget hotel called Fragrance Hotel @Selegie Road. Rooms are quite comfortable, clean and equipped with da basic stuff. But da bathroom/toilet???

So small u take do ur "biznes" and take a shower at the same time!!

There was nothing much to do in Singapore actually. We walked around the shopping malls most of the time.

@Orchard Road

Then we met up with some friends in the evening. Met up with my friends/colleagues Tina and Wendy first and found out some depressing news of many people leaving da company there. These were da 1st people who trained/orientated me when I first joined. The people I even went for vacation with. Now they are going, going and soon... gone. How sad... I guess even if we are no longer colleagues we can still stay friends.
Later we met up with bf's fren, Leslie who just went over to Singapore to work for SIA.

Then on Sunday, came our main purpose for the trip. Tha Phantom of the Opera!

@d Esplanade

The show was really good. The music was great and the stage effects, fantabulous!! Really love how they manipulate the stage and props to create perfect scenes everytime. Only thing is that our seat was so high up, we couldn't watch it at eye-level. The tickets were sold out!! Every single seat taken up.

After the show, we just walked around in some more malls and also around the Boat Quay area.

@Boat Quay

But we ended up for dinner at City Hall area.

Ooey Gooey cheeeeeezy sticks!! Yum!

It's always a good vacation when you go with the right person. Can't wait for our trip next month!!

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