Friday, July 14, 2006

An yeong hi ge se yo Korea...

Just back from Kelantan again... pretty tired but still got energy to blog!! Finally have some time to finish blogging about my memorable Korea trip. Am still fascinated with that place.

Our hosts brought us the the usual touristy places in Su Won. We went to the Folk Village.

Zen looking more like he's enjoying it than suffering... hhmm, maybe he's into S&M?? heheh

the cultural shows....zzzzz

Then we went to "The Great Wall of Su Won" Apparently this fort was built to guard the King's grandmother's residence many many many years ago.

Whooooossh!! Hold tight, Hurricane Katrina's here!

After our visit to Su Won, it was time to say goodbye to our gracious hosts and make our way back to Seoul. We took a train back to Seoul.

The next day was pretty much a shopping day. See lah... was so syok shopping until I didn't even take a single photo that day. Only in the evening when we went out for dinner at a Sushi place I got my blogger instincts back and brought my camera along.

Korean sushi... hhmm thought Korea and Japan tak ngam???

Zen and Tina

Wendy and me!

After dinner, we took a cable car up to Namsan Tower up on a hill overlooking the whole of Seoul. Was pretty cold up there, it was also drizzling. But it was beautiful! The ambience was good and had a romantic feel to it.


Seoul from a bird's eye view

The next day, I had to take the morning flight back to Malaysia. Zen and Tina stayed for another day but I couln't join them. :-( Didn't really have enough of Korea yet but I had to work arrive in Langkawi for work on the same day.

Anyeonghi geseyo... till we meet again, Korea!

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