Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Travel Discovery

After this wonderful trip in Korea wt my Sg colleagues, I just discovered something. I have been having problems finding travelmates to share adventurous streak because I have only looked within Malaysia.

Many times my friends have declined with these excuses reasons:
- they are broke.
- they are creatures of comfort so would only consider travelling to limited places.
- they are saving to buy a house.
- they are saving for a wedding.
- they have just bought a house.
- they have just spent their life-savings on a wedding.
- they just had their first baby and expenditure priority goes to the baby.
- they will only travel with their partners coming along and I have no intention of tagging along as a 3rd wheel.
- they have no time to travel or not able to take leave.
- etc

My new discovery??? There's a whole bunch of fun, crazy and independent people two hops across our southern border who are around my age, not broke and not surgically sutured to their partners!! If you wanna know why I am not surgically sutured to my bf all the time, that deserves a whole post on its own... do look out for it!

Why didn't I think of expanding my search beyond the borders of this country before eh? Next year, I'll try inviting friends from Singapore and even beyond! I do hope it will not be a disappointing search then!!

World here I come!

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