Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sight for sore eyes

Just had a terrible day today. Thank God for my bf... what a sight for sore eyes. Feel so bad had to make him the toxic dumpster when nothing was his fault. I feel sooooo much better now thanks to him. Love can do magic on even the worst days.

Anyway, yesterday I was my bestfriend's toxic dumpster pulak. She too felt much better at the end. I guess no man is an island. We all need someone who truly loves and cares for us just to get through those bad days alive.

I went to look for her at her ex-office, and guess who was there too?
Selvi in a bag!

Later we went back to Ampang and had our good ole kepak ayam goreng at Mamak Bukit Indah. Yummy as ever! After dinner, she realized that her car was disgustingly dirty.

At d carwash

After that, we went back to her house and I decided to give Speckles a haircut. His hair was so long it got tangled in several places. I thought he would look really handsome after a little grooming. However, tengah syok syok groom bunny forgot to take the "before" pictures. But voila!! Here's the "after" picture!

Speckles and his hairdresser

Showered with attention

Remnants of his old ungroomed self

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