Sunday, July 30, 2006

Attached but not fused: Part II - Life is a jigsaw puzzle

In part I, I told you "why" I wanted to steer clear of being fused to my bf but part II is the "how".

I liken life to a jissaw puzzle and the passions in life as the puzzle pieces. My ex-boss once said "I know you're a passionate person but I have no idea what it is that you are passionate about!!" The thing is, I don't just have one passion. I have many... different ones at different point in time, or a mixture of some all at one time. Each piece of the puzzle is equally important to complete the picture of my life.

One piece of it is my love for music... How can I ever live without singing? I love performing on stage and love taking relentless attempts at competitions no matter I fail or succeed. And then there's always good ole karaoke!

The other piece is my baby Melodie...

Ok, not so baby anymore but still baby in my mind. :-)

Another piece is my bestfriend...
oops, wrong pic

Okay, we not as sexy as those two

Nor are we as rich

But we're much crazier

And we're still together after all these years
Wouldn't it be great if we have daddies as loaded as the Paris and Nicole's? Money from your own daddy is always the best, unconditional... much unlike money from "sugar"daddies. Think of what fun we'd have, the possibilities are endless!
I can't possibly imagine life without her!! I've known her for many years... been through good and bad times together. Been each other's toxis dumpster. Been each other's party/fun buddy. Even been colleagues before in our perfume-selling days. We know that no matter what shit happens in each others' lives, the other can be there to look out for each other without judging.

Next piece is my 2nd bestfriend...

We have known each other since high school. Although we never really spent much time with each other in the past, we are somehow comfortable enough to share our troubles and secrets whenever we do get together. Now, we've taken the initiative to meet up a lot more often. That's how she got promoted to 2nd bestfriend ranking... heheh. True friends must always be cherished!

Another piece is my love for travelling to strange or foreign lands which I've never been before. I never had the chance or luxury of ever travelling when I was young. So when I started working, I promised myself that once a year, I will travel to one country that I've never been to. Earth is a pretty big planet and there's still a whole lot to cover!!

Another piece is some parts of my job...

I believe whole-heartedly in our tagline "Making a meaningful difference in patients' lives". I have never seen a medical company doing so much for the patients before. All they do is spoil the doctors because they are the buyers/prescribers. With all the activities I do for the kidney failure patients and the hemophiliacs... I really feel that I AM making a meaningful difference in the patients lives.

Another piece is gxholism and dancing!

Bodyjam rocks!
The thrill you get from the endorphin rush after a class... is definitely addictive!

This piece is in every girls jugsaw puzzle... shopping!

There's nothing more therapeutic for a girls mood that retail therapy. It can be new shoes, new clothes, new make-up or new accessories... makes not difference. It'll still give you that wonderful "Yay-yay! I have new stuff!!!" feeling.

A very important piece is God...
I do wish I was as passionate about Him as my other passions but honestly, I still need to put a lot of work into making Him a passion. I do get passionate about the stuff I do for Him: serving in the worship team, church camp committee work, homegroup activities...etc. Also, I get super passionate about Him whenever any unbelievers doubt him, then I get into this defense-lawyer mode and put forth all my facts to prove them wrong!! Things of this world can disappear in a instant, but our Father in heaven will always be there.

And of course a super important BIG piece is... my bf!!
Come here baby!!
I guess it is always tempting to spend every single waking moment with the one you're in love with. But with all the different pieces that makes up the complete picture of my life, I hardly have the time to be completely fused to him. He too has his own passions in life! So, we don't really get to spend that much time together. That's why spending time together is always a pleasure. Be it at the on a vacation, wathing a movie, just makan, gym or even just lepaking doing nothing, I always look forward to it!!

I'm sure there are other pieces which I have yet to discover, but I will find them as I go along until one day the picture is complete!

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