Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mek puleh lambek ke KL

I just got back from Kota Bahru... and guess what? Our stupid national airline was delayed for 1 and a half hours!! I was already dead tired having woke up at 5+am this morning to catch d early flight there.

They must be doing it on purpose, to cut cost and combine the passengers of 2 flights together before they depart. It was late the last time I was there too... only reason I didn't complain back then was because I was in the later flight then. See? It had to be deliberate... why else would it happen all the time?

Yeah right.... how many years ago was that? It's 2006 now. Don't they realize only here and now matters? Oh... I too can brag about the glories of yesteryears; I was champion in "getah" and "batu seremban" when I was 11. Does that impact my life at all right now? NOOO!!

No wonder they are operating at a loss. They never deliver their promises... punctuality is probably not in their vocabulary. With this kind of sub-standard service and no improvements, how are they suppose to profit by the year 2008? 2020 pun entah boleh tak! Good luck MAS!

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