Friday, July 07, 2006

Tae Han Ming Gu!!

We also went to visit d royal palace and its secret gardens in Seoul. Took lotsa pics coz d scenery was very pretty. Somehow the trees there look much better than those in Malaysia. Green things are greener, red things are redder, yellow things are yellower... oh, u get the idea. And it is definitely not a case of the grass being greener on the other side... probably the fours season climate has something to do with it.

d king and his 2 concubines? hehe, nope, it's just us... explorers from a land far far away

d tourguide... one of the few locals we met who speaks good english!

d secret gardens

"and this is the servants' quarters"... me taking a shot as a travel show host! Everyone's dream job!

After that, we went to the shopping area near a women's university for... what else? Shopping la!!

Gwiopta Tina!

Alamak, aku tak nak mati lagi la!

After we went back to the hotel to freshen up and change, it was World Cup time! We took the lrt to meet out wonderful hosts, EonJung and her hubby. They drove us to Su Won stadium, about 2 hours south of Seoul. Even in Seoul itself the World Cup craze was everywhere. Everyone was wearing red supporting their country's team.

When we arrived at the Su Won stadium, it was already packed with people... all in red. Think it's d only time when a stadium full of football fans has a vacant field right in the middle. All eyes were on the big screen... awaiting the Korea vs Switzerland game at 4am. All cheering "Tae Han Ming Gu!!"

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.... so we too are in red! Tae Han Ming Gu!!

It gets a little bit chilly at night even in summer

Cool tag line eh? It sounds like a Korean saying "Let's go together for our dreams"

After a disappointing game of Switzerland:2 Korea:0, it was daylight. Daylight was very early in Korea. It's almost bright at 4++am. We then went to a spa. The only culture shock for us unsuspecting folks is the changing room and bath area. Everyone was in their birthday suit. Old or young, fat or thin, smooth or wrinkly, hairy or waxed. Eeeeew!! Yucks!

At the unisex common area, most of the people were just sleeping on the floor. Ah, sleep... something all of us were deprived of the previous nite. So we took a short nap there on the floor too.

Oh well, some of us slept more soundly than others...

We all wore the funny hat folder using a towel(thanx to our teacher EonJung and we ate a brown coloured egg, just like in the Korean serial dramas

After resting at the spa we went for lunch.

Our gracious hosts, d happy couple!

Oh, well... will be driving to Penang tomorrow. So better start packing! Sambung another day!!

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