Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to Zwui!

Happy birthday to you, Zwui!!!

Yesterday was zwui's birthday so a bunch of us decided to give her a small dinner celebration.

Anyway, before the dinner... I went to the cake shop to get her birthday cake. They asked me what I wanted written on the cake. So, I wrote down nice and neat on a piece of paper "Blessed Birthday Zwui!"
My writing is pretty neat but do you know what came out in the end?
"Bleesed Birthday To Zwui..." in bright red! Lucky she could betulkan it. What is so hard about rewriting a simple phrase like that? I think the phrase "Happy Birthday To _____" is sooooo permenantly etched in their brains that they no longer process other phrases. Sheesh!

Anyway, we had dinner at Jimmy's Place at Taman Connaught, Cheras... suggested by Mei Kee. 7 of us came including d birthday gal. Budak Gile did stop by later to pass her gift 2 d birthday gal!
pink shoes!

The food was pretty good. Although Mei Kee said they're famous for the lamb shank, I personally prefered d pizza. It was really yummy, as is the lasagne.

Da yummy pizza

Da birthday gal and her lamb shank

Make a wish!

Cake cutting ceremony


D birthday card sealed with a kiss

Zwui and her pressies!

Attempted splat!

Da whole gang.

After dinner, they adjourned to KTZ for dessert but cinderalla-me had to go home already. Tak boleh sleep after 12am or else cannot function the next day... hehehe.


ZWI said...

mmuuaaaaccckkk!! Thanks for the bday present & coming over! Was truly touched =)
That's a fantabulus birthday ever!

kt said...

no prob gal!! it's my pleasure 2 c u happy happy... after all, u hav been promoted to 2nd bestfriend on my list!!! luv ya! :-)