Monday, July 17, 2006


Last Saturday, my sis and I went for the Annual Estee Lauder group of companies stampede sale. We never miss this annual affair as we can always get the invitation cards. Both of us used to work part-time for Estee Lauder.

As always, there was already a massive crowd there even though we reached there bright and early, around 8am. Most of them were women. There were several guys there too but it looks more like they were dragged there to accompany their shopaholic girlfriends. What a waste of invitation cards!

Anyway, these women at the sale were not the ordinary folks you see on the streets. These were a completely new species... the ganas species who can push you, elbow you and stomp on you just to get through to their cosmetics. No amount of Karate or Bodycombat skills could protect me. However, due to the crazily low prices at this sale, we always come back every year. Semangat kekiasuan!

Thankfully, my sis and I were very efficient shoppers, we had already planned what we wanted to get. So we went in, got the stuff, paid for it and got outta there in time for a nice nasi lemak breakfast!


Chris said...

Lemme know when there are such sales again, Love the EL perfumes..

and Have a nice day!

kt said...

they have it every year around this time. between may-july. yeah, i love EL perfumes too!! :-)

Chris said...

ok, maybe just buzz me then. as i don see in the local papers the invitation to the sales..:)

and i love reading your blogs..

kt said...

thanx!! :-)
anyway, there's no ad 4 d sales coz it's by invitation only. each staff is given a few invitation cards 2 give 2 their friends. with d amount of ppl there, they must hav quite a lot of staff!!