Saturday, July 22, 2006

Attached but not fused: Part I - Of champagne and rice

As promised, am gonna explain why am I looking for travel-buddies or activity-buddies when I am happily attached... why am I not doing anything and everything with my bf?? Most girls I know, simply will not go anywhere without their other half. It can be rather irritating... so I vowed never to do that to my friends.

Conversation example:
Me: Hey there's a new cute chick flick at the movies! I know my bf will not be interested to see this one, this one's for us gals! Let's go watch it together!
Clingy girlfriend: Ok!! Great! I too wanna watch it. Let's go together then. Oh, let me call my honey bunny wunny darling pooooo to join us. It'll be sooo fun!
Me: (what!!!! did i say i was inviting him???? terpaksa la aku tipu sikit) Er, sorry, I just remembered I've bought the dvd already, promised to watch it with my sis and bestfriend. Another time la.

Probably that's why my closest girl friends just happens to be single and unattached because it is wwwaaaayyy too hard to peel those girls fused to their bf.

I've always believed that Love should not be a Need, it should be a Want. You don't get a thrill from fulfilling a Need but your heart flutters when you fulfill a Want.

For example, you buy a sack of rice... do you go "Yahoo!! I just bought new rice. I'm so excited.... I just can't wait to eat it!!"
Highly unlikely.

But if you had bought a bottle of perfume, a new sexy top, new glittery shoes, or a bottle of champagne... things you don't actually Need but you Want; wouldn't you look forward to using it, wearing it, savouring it? You don't have it everyday, but you will cherish it, appreciate it... each time you do have it. Your heart will flutter everytime you do have it, right?

Eg: No matter how much you like champagne, if you have it everyday, you will get sick of it after a while and start looking for alternative drinks. But if you only have it once in a while, it's heavenly!

Now if you'll excuse me, my Dom Perignon's waiting for me downstairs! We are going out tonite! Tata!
flutter flutter!


Anonymous said...

If your dom p continues to only be a Want, as you have explained, one day you may get sick of him. A Want has to progress to be a Need for it to have longevity and commitment :p

kt said...

hi anonymous!
m pretty idealistic about love & life. i believe passions last.
u know 1 of fitness first's tagline "motivation is wat gets u started, habit is wat keeps u going"? doesn't apply 2 me. i hav 2 b continuously motivated. i won't do things that i hav no passion 4.
no doubt it takes a lot of hard work 2 fan d fire & keep d passion going but it's well worth it!! :-)