Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Makan Way of Life

I know this is a bit basi but just thought I'd parasite off Fatboy's blog on attending YHSMOM's dinner with bf last Saturday. No point being redundant eh? Anyway, the thing that was not mentioned there was, Fatboy's home made brownies were super duper yummy!!! How I wish I could bake like that... but then again, if I could bake like that I'd have to attend as many classes as my bf teaches every week to burn it off!! So, I guess my domestic-handicap is a blessing in disguise.

Last nite, had another dinner with the gals at Jim Thompson @Starhill Gallery. Was there with Budak Gile, Sze Wui and Fiona. The food was good. Loved the Tap Tim Krob. But what was better was the company and gal-talk. Also, the fact that Budak Gile and I had the time to go home and get all dolled up for the occasion was fun too!! It's not always that we can go all vain and dressy to dine at a nice posh place. Was enjoying ourselves so much that I got back home at 1++am! Way past my 11am bedtime... heheheh.

Budak Gile, me and Zwui (dun zwui and I look like sisters?)... camerawoman: Fiona


ZWI said...

ya la ya la! We memang look alike lar.. itu church frens cakap, itu Starbucks punya barista pun cakap.. nama pun alike.. u r like my twin sis la hehehe :)

kt said...

hehehe, yes yes!! even my mom & sis cakap! alamak! mungkin kita related kot?