Monday, January 01, 2007

Chilling with my baybeh

Just got back from Penang last night. Spent an entire week there with my bf... doing what? Eat sleep, eat sleep, eat sleep and the occasional gx-class. Dis is de life man!! Never knew being utterly unproductive feels so good...

I brought my laptop but no internet, can't work even if I wanted to! Hallelujah!!
I brought my outdoor cross trainers, but we didn't go hiking as planned. The food and the bed had a much stronger hold on us.
I brought my camera, but didn't even snapped one photo.
Bf drove... and his car was manual, I can only drive an auto. So I didn't drive for a week! Hallelujah!! No cranky me (during traffic jam) for a week!!

Basically I lived the Garfield lifestyle for one week!! Heavenly! Bf took some pics, hope he has the time to post them up and blog about our wonderful Christmas/New Year week!!

Hello 2007!!

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