Saturday, December 09, 2006

Freedom to live

Last Saturday was our annual PD patients outing. Every year, my company brings these peritoneal dialysis patients out for half a day and enjoy themselves while they mingle with each other... good opportunity for reunions with old friends too. Sort of a treat to motivate them and let them know they still have the freedom to live, travel and enjoy life!

This year, we went to the High-5 bread factory. They have a museum there and organizes regular tours through their factory for the public, at a cost of course.

Me and one of d doc's wife

Kak Rozi and me
She's one of them doing CAPD with an inpiring story

Pakcik Mohd, me and his wife
A very nice man and willing to share his story with other inflicted with kidney disease.

All da Klang Valley PD community!

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