Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I attended the Malaysia Muhibah Network Anniversary Mixer last Saturday at the Banker's Club themed The Red Carpet Affair: Masquerade!!

Navin and his lovely wife, Poorna
Navin is the founder of MMN. Without him, none of this would be around. And now, we are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of MMN!! Looking forward to many more mixers!

The MCs were excellent too. Look at our MC's dress!!! Did she just step out of a time machine or what?

The food was really good or maybe it was because we performers were there pretty early for rehearsals and dinner started so late we were all STARVING by the time we ate.

How did our performance go? Ooh la la!! Lady Marmalade!

Le dancers - voulez vous coucher avec moi

Le unveiling of my red dress!

Moi, a catwalk model???

Le Moulin Rouge gals!

Le final pose!

Initially was a bit worried I'd feel left out as I was new to the network and I was there all by myself but as it turned out, it was pretty fun being a social butterfly flitting from one circle to another. Cool!!!

Micheal, Steph and moi

Vishal and moi

Moi, Gordon and Marina

Poh Jee and moi

Ladies in red - Marina, moi and BB


shades said...

Wow, U look HOT in red!

I envy your bf....

Michael said...

Fuiyoh! Masquerade pictures. Very nice leh. :D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 *pose!*