Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ahoy! Bad hair days ahead!!

It's been ages since I had my hair trimmed... too lazy as the regular saloon I frequent is all the way in Bukit Bintang. So, I decided to try out this new saloon near my place since they had a promotion going on: APT Professional. They have so many branches around I thought it can't be that bad...

I told the hair-stylist I wanted to trim my hair. I specifically told him not to layer my hair so much as my hair is the frizzy/curly type. It needs some weight to weigh down the frizz. He kept saying that my hair is too thick and heavy, it would look better layered. He proceeded to cut it to his stupid taste!! I stopped him halfway saying it I do not want is layered so much as I noticed him snipping it off so short on certain parts. He said don't worry, my hair will look the same in length, he's just making it lighter.

To my horror, it came out exactly as I was worried about. Frizzy with curves at the end of every layer!!!

Why can't a senior hairstylist obey the customer's instructions? Why do they think they know best? I'm the one who will have to be stuck with this hairstyle day in day out!!! What makes them think they know me better than I know myself???? I have handled this stubborn hair for the past 20++ years of my life. How can they think they know better?

Now it is beyond repair... nothing can make my hair grow back instantly.

Now I will have to tie up my hair for the next 6 months or so before I have enough length to restyle it!! I wanna cry!!! I will have no confidence in the way I look for the next 6 months!! I hate APT!!

Can I sue??? Can anyone suggest any remedy for me?


sunshine said...

I think my hair is also like yours, and after many years of rebonding, i decided to keep it au naturale and enhance the curls further by perming it! Kenny, the body jam instructor says i look like tina turner!Haha!Whatever la!

And ya, these hairstylists ought to be shot, they should always listen to us coz we know our hair best...Nvm la, tied up hair also pretty la!

AL said...

I also had a very bad experince like you in APT. Already blacklist them and also inform my friend dont go to this salon. Sometime tied up hair will look more cute.

kt said...

thanx gals...
I've decided to chop d whole thing short instead. better than now, not here nor there