Thursday, December 14, 2006

Of the Hula and Tahitian dance

Any mention of the Hula Dance and everyone has a picture of girls in grass skirts shaking their booty ala Beyonce Knowles. Actually, the Hawaiian Hula is a much more graceful dance. The fast shake-ur-bon-bon dance is the Tahitian Dance. Many gets them confused. I did too... not any longer.

2 weeks ago, we had a session on the Hawaiian Hula dance during the Muhib-Boogie session. It's not as easy as it looks although it is slow, it is very fluid. Therefore, there are no beats to follow, no abrupt movements and ur upper body must maintain its stillness.

Shaking our booteh!

Shaking my booteh!

Our pretty Hawaiian teacher

Don't move ur top half!

It was real fun although I haven't really mastered it. I wanna go to Hawaii!!!

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