Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sawadikah Bangkok!!

Just came back from Bangkok today. Finally have time to say a word or two on my blog to let people know I am still alive and well...

The training was 2 full days and whatever time left of the days were spent shopping!! Christmas is around the corner after all.

The adventures began on Sunday morning... when I reached the airport at about 7++am, although my flight was on the display panel, when I tried to check in, they told me it was cancelled!! How can they cancel a flight without informing the customers? Even AirAsia sms people when there are changes. My original flight was 9.10am but they wanted to put me on the 12.30pm flight! Yikes!! So, I put up abit of a fight and tantrum...hehehe. They put me on the 7.55am Thai Airways flight instead. So, I practically had to run to the boarding gate to make it.

Since my boss, and two persons from my distributor could not make it for the 7.55am flight. I got to Bangkok early by myself. After arriving at the hotel, the Westin Sukhumvit... checked in and headed for my room. Room was quite nice.

Was impressed that they had a personalized welcome set so quickly.

Was also impressed at the minibar list.

You'll never find that in hotels here...hehehe.
Then, I dropped all my stuff and headed straight for Chatuchak!! Shop shop shop shopping!!!!

Bought quite a lot but it was super duper hot there I almost melted. It was so full of people, you could hardly find a path to walk on.

After walking for a while, I got hungry and had this chicken noodle.

Since I bought myself 2 sets of cute 2-piece swimsuits there... after I went back to the hotel, I went for a nice swim!! A nice cool treat after the heat in Chatuchak.

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