Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last Tuesday I went for a dance session with a bunch of Ryzers. They have this network of people who do cool things together call the Malaysian Muhibah Network.

The dance teachers are all volunteers as it is more of a social thang. Just what I like! I love doing stuff just for the sake of doing it... for enjoyment. Not to obtain any qualification, not to prove to anyone/myself that I can do certain things but just to have fun!

So, an informal dancing class is PERFECT!! I get to dance (love it!) and not have to worry about any expectations to meet. It's like going partying at a disco minus the deafening music and smoky atmosphere. Plus you actually can hear each other talk when you chat! :-)

D one in purple at d front is BB, our teacher

BB has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer before. We learnt the MMN official dance, choreographed to the song, Maghalena... it has cool laidback latin feel to it. It was fun... and I definitely will be back!

I didn't go today as the weather is horrendous and I hate traffic jams. :-(
Nevermind, there's always next week!

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The Goddess Tripped said...


If that's me in the pic, I need to join a gym pronto!