Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ahh! It's a tai-tai life!

I just signed up for a facial package at spa near my office recently as they were having this really attractive promotion. It still made me about 2.8k poorer though. :-/
But it's not often that I treat myself to the tai-tai lifestyle and the number of sessions will probably last me for nearly 2 years. As usual, can only get big discounts if u commit to alot of sessions. (Yes, I'm rationalizing to myself for spending so much!)

So yesterday evening, I did my 1st pampering session.

Started with a jacuzzi spa bath that's suppose to help moisturise and whiten my skin.

Then it was facial time. After cleansing my face, she steams it with this apparatus. While the steaming is on to open up my pores, she gives me a wonderful shoulder/back massage. Aaahhh, was so great to have the relaxing smell of lavender.

Then it was the most painful part, extraction of black & white heads.

After that, she slather on some collagen gel thingy and used an ultrasound like thingy to run all over my face. After that, it was some eye-treatment thing followed by some really thick gooey mask that felt really cool on my face and neck.

After the whole long process was over, which took about 2 1/2 hours... I didn't really know what each step was for but I truly felt like a million dollars. All relaxed and my confidence soaring. This must be what the rich tai-tais feel like all the time as they do this every so very often. Lucky them!

I can't wait for my next session!! I'm so glad I committed to so many sessions... heheheh

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