Friday, November 17, 2006

Work-rest cycle

I've prepared to blog about this because I've been feeling really down earlier. Haven't had a break from work for nearly 3 weeks. Physically, am not feeling too well already; sore-throat, ulsers and feels like the beginning of a flu. I hope it will not ruin my precious precious weekend...
However, my boss has been really sweet and I also have quite a lot of exciting things to look forward to at work next year, I'm not really that down emotionally anymore.

Just that my flow chart looks so pretty I don't want it to go to waste... heheheh.

Here is the good work-rest cycle:

Everyone know endorphins are good for your body's immune system therefore you'll get sick less. They are also happy hormones, therefore you'll be in tip-top emotional health too.
When a person is in the pink of physical, emotional and mental health, they function better, work better therefore increases productivity!

Everybody is happy! It's a win-win situation for both employer and employee!!

Here is the bad work-rest cycle:

When you don't get rest, you get moody, then you get sick. So instead of enjoying your rest days boosting up your emotional health, you spend it in bed, recovering from feeling ill. You get even more depressed. The company is not happy too, paying for all your medical bills. Once you feel physically well again, you're back at work. No time to nurse emotional health.
Everytime one of this cycle is completed, morale goes down a notch, therefore productivity goes down a notch too.

In the end, everyone loses, both employer and employee are unhappy!

All HR people should be given these flow charts. So that they can ensure the company has a more well-rested, productive team!!

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The Goddess Tripped said...

That is so true! No rest, no time off, no endorphins :P Been there, done that, almost killed myself.

Hope you're feeling better!

Endorphins, CHARGE!