Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend work-away

Where did I go last weekend? Up north to Penang...
To be more specific, it was Pulau Jerejak. A ex-leprosy quarantine, ex-penal colony island turn spa resort. Sorry la, da pics are not so clear, forgot to bring camera. Phonecam not so good.

Some info about the island

What was I doing there?
Tak nak beritau, in case you work for my competitor.

It was a pretty nice island... close to nature; a nice mix of jungle, sand and sea. But the service they provide was terrible!! If only it was properly run, it would be a great place to go for a short relaxing getaway. So much potential, what a waste! There are many fun things you can do on the island; jungle trekking, cycling, paintball, etc. It is not far off from Penang island... about a 5-10min boat ride only. In fact, you can still see Penang from Jerejak, overlooking the new Queensbay Mall which will be opening soon.

The rooms are quite nice, but not very properly maintained.

Da pool

Sempat pulak I went to the spa for a massage :-)

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